Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Math: C is for cookie.

1. Watch the first three minutes of the clip.

2. Brainstorm: Ask the students if they have any questions about the cookie. It is important to let the students generate the first questions.
( One question that popped in my head: how much flour would you need to make such a gigantic cookie?)

3. Tell students you happen to have a sample of the cookie that is the perfect ratio to the largest cookie.
  • Questions students came up with.
  • 1.What is the circumference of the cookie?
  • 2. How many bites would it take to eat the cookie?
  • 3. How many chips ahoy cookies can fit into the big cookie?
  • 4. How thick is the cookie?
  • 5. What is the chocolate chip to cookie dough ratio?\
  • 6. How much flour was used to make the gigantic cookie?
  • 7. How heavy is the gigantic cookie?
  • 8. How many people made the cookie? How did they make the cookie?
  • 9. How big are the chocolate chips?
  • 10. How many calorie sin the gigantic cookie?

4. Ask students to explore all of the different ways they can measure the cookie. Provide any instruments they desire.

Details students asked for.
  • Large Cookie is 315cm in Diameter.
  • small cookie is 6cm.
  • calories in two little cookies is 170 calories.
  • 1 inch is 2.54cm
  • Ratio of Little Cookie to Big Cookie = 6cm:315cm in lowest terms it is 1cm: 52.5cm.
  • if the height is 1.3 cm and the ratio is 1:52.5 than the height is 68.25cm.
  • there were 21 cookies in the bag
  • there are 3 cups of flour to make one bag of cookies

5. Students ask "How many little cookies would it take to make the big cookie?"
to "How many children can you feed with the cookie?"

6. Eat cookies, once all measurements are found.

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