Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lemonade Game

1. Students have 5 minutes to play lemonade game:

2. I am an investor, and I will pay top dollars for information leading up to the perfect recipe and price for a glass of lemonade. Students need to present to me by next class what is the perfect recipe and price point.

3. Together as a class we will generate a list of considerations. If we are going to present the plan to an investor how should we present the data?

4. The group that does the best job at convincing me, the investor, to execute their lemonade plans, will have the opportunity to win a pizza lunch. I will run the lemonade game, and follow the instructions of the students to the letter. If I reach within 1 dollar of the correct price, the winning group will have a pizza party. If I reach within 25 cents of the lemonade earnings, the whole class will get a pizza party.

5. Students have one class and two weeks till presentation.

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