Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Picture

In the last year at Progressive Academy, our team has been working on creating an atmosphere and culture where learning is the bottom line. Students are encouraged to find their passions and experiment with them. It has been a journey that has led us to seek out other like minded organizations and people who would like to join us in our evolution. Among these organizations, Big Picture Schools have been the most relevant and successful model (ahem, role model).

Inspiring, resourceful, organized, generous, are at the core of the people in the Big Picture organization. These past two days our team worked with Mari Ruddy to generate ideas and routines that will help organize the program that we all dream of. It was an intense workshop. Initially, we took the time to scrub away all of the possible resistance, and with our new vulnerability we moved into creating a courageous and meaningful team. The small amounts of fear, and hesitance were challenged and transformed into excitement, and determination.

We continue to get more creative and ambitious, and I am look forward to unveiling it to the students, families and staff.